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METAL DRUMS VOL.2 (Educational Book)

METAL DRUMS VOL.2 (Educational Book)

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  • Educational Book
  • ten chapters / 70 pages
  • five songs/music videos + transcriptions
  • drum techniques (blasts, doublebass, polymetrics,…)

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In the second part of my drumbook series I present a hybrid of educational book and songbook. I show off my most effective and creative approaches to hand and foot techniques on drums. The subtitle of this issue is called „full body workout“ – this means that all our four limbs are active in all exercises. This doesn´t only promote efficiency, but also flexibility and coordination immensely. Furthermore I present the universe of polymetrics and different song structures. If you want to get an audiovisual impression of these exercises and songs, you are welcome to visit my YouTube Channel „DrumcoachingTV“.

Release Date: 25.04.2022

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